The Belgian Endothelial Surgical Transplant of the Cornea Study (BEST Cornea) is a collaboration between corneal surgeons, tissue bankers, and patients.

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The BEST Cornea study compares which corneal transplant technique is best for patients who suffer from an endothelial disease of the cornea where a corneal transplant is the only way to treat this disease.

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In case of problems or questions, your ophthalmologist will be happy to provide further information. He or she can be contacted through the information below.

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About the BEST Cornea study

Losing vision at an older age can have a major impact on our ability to look after ourselves, to manage our medical needs, and to preserve our independence and dignity. One of the eye's structures that can become affected is the inner layer of the cornea known as the endothelium. Corneal endothelial dysfunction is a disease that usually affects the elderly. It gradually blurs vision and, if left untreated, can result in a painful and blind eye.

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Chief investigator of the BEST Cornea study is Prof. Dr. Sorcha Ní Dhubhghaill of the Antwerp University Hospital. But that is merely the tip of the spear. Learn more about the people and institutions making this work possible.

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